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Mortgage and Finance broking can be one of the most rewarding careers available in Australia.  The ability to work flexible hours and earn a substantial income are some of the benefits becoming a mortgage or finance broker, especially when the entry requirements to become a broker are simpler than other industries that offer similar rewards.

How Do I Become A Mortgage Broker?

As a minimum educational requirement under the National Consumer Credit  Protection Act (NCCP), all finance and mortgage brokers are  required to have a Certificate 4 in Mortgage / Finance Broking. Most brokers will also become a member of an industry association, the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) or the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia) to become accredited with lenders. These associations may also require you to have completed a Diploma in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking).

Walker & Miller Training Services provide one of the few independent Mortgage broker Certificate IV and Diploma training courses in Australia designed to get you started as a Mortgage Broker and accredited with the MFAA, FBAA   and major Australian lending institutions. (See our Broker Starters page for further details for what is involved in becoming a mortgage or finance broker). For further information about getting becoming a mortgage broker Click here and fill in the enquiry form or call 1300 136 947.

Whether you are new to the industry or need to become compliant under  FBAA/ MFAA guidelines and the NCCP Federal Licensing Legislation, this course is designed to have you operating in the minimum possible timeframe, while gaining solid foundations in the mortgage industry.

Learn Before You Start

Some of the Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Franchise Groups have training courses for new brokers starting in the mortgage industry, but you need to commit to them prior to undertaking their training. These Mortgage Companies might even require you to pay huge franchise fees prior to you having a complete understanding of your options in the industry.

This course has been designed for you to gain the qualifications necessary to become a mortgage or finance broker and choose the group, if any, that is right for you after you have gained enough knowledge to make a proper decision. Part of the course covers the groups in the industry and what they offer you to help you get started in the Mortgage Industry.

On course completion a variety of career opportunities are open to you including working as a mortgage or finance broker, in credit, loan processing, mobile lender for mortgage companies, banks and other industry companies.

Mortgage Industry Requirements

A Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage lending FNS40804) is now the key requirement to become a broker, be able to become accredited with lending institutions to sell  their products and to join the FBAA / MFAA Even experienced brokers are required to have this certificate under NCCP. (See the How to Become a Mortgage Broker page for further details)

MFAA or FBAA Accreditation

If you are wanting to become a mortgage broker and become accredited with the major Australian lenders you need to achieve Accredited Mortgage Consultant (AMC) status with the Mortgage and Finance association (MFAA), or join the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA). This course is the starting point for both memberships.

How do you start your career in Mortgage Broking?

This course is the basis to becoming a mortgage or finance broker. On successful course completion you can to apply to the MFAA for the Accredited Mortgage Broker (AMC) or FBAA membership to become accredited with banks and other financial institutions. (Further information is available on the Broker's Starters Page)

We can even introduce you to Mortgage groups and financial institutions looking for new employees and members.

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This comprehensive course covers not only the compliance and educational requirements but also a real "hands on" practical experience.

We can even put you in touch with groups or employers to get you started.

Certificate IV/ Diploma Through Recognition of Your Experience -RPL

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